Developer have to be creative to sell the island's development concept with focus on : 

  • Green Design
  • Green Infratructure
  • Self-sufficient city
  • Zero Waste city
  • Green and sustainable city

Sub – Central Area

Developed with main function as a civil center,commercial,services on an international scale,tourism,horizontal and vertical residential center. Moreover,also developed the area of history and art (Jakarta Tempo Doeloe) and it would provide with historical museum, artistic and maritime, international scale theatre building and expansions of promanade / public open spaces with various historical attraction, art along the beach side especially western (fits with the concept of Sunda Kelapa Old Town & onshore). The expansion of trade, service, MICE, and financial institutions for international service scales with designs and concepts that reflect the future of Jakarta. The development of other sub-areas is theme park.

Prime seafront investment, proudly brought to you by world-class developer.